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Instructions on adapting "Margo Anderson's" noblewomen's Renaissance patterns to a working class level of garment.
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The Costume Goddess provides advice on how to make harem pants. This page is part of The Art Of Middle Eastern Dance, which offers over 400 articles related to belly dancing: translated song lyrics, tips and tricks, finger cymbal rhythms, a glossary of belly dance terms, Egyptian goddesses, and much more.
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The Costume Goddess tells how to make an 8-point skirt.
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A look into a medieval ladies wardrobe. With dresses from different eras, like the bliaut,the cotehardie and a Herjolfsnes dress.
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Online Australian sewing supply store specialising in hard to find items for corset and lingerie making.
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Our free embroidery designs are even better than free - See why our name is Thread Artist
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Free embroidery designs in the embroidery library of our machine embroidery world. To download embroidery design, use embroidery software and embroidery thread. We offer quilting designs, rhinestone crystals and sewing supplies, and many free machine embroidery designs and appliques. Use your embroidery digitizing software or we do custom embroidery for you
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Affordable Designs - Great designs for the home embroiderer - Vote, patriotic, astrology, braille, and nautical flags
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Online center for machine embroidery designs. On this site you can find machine embroidery designs in the most popular formats, with a new free machine embroidery design each month. Free embroidery projects, tips and tutorials are also available.
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free download , every day new designs for free at our site : All designs in our site are really best and free to download !! Just visit us .. Dont forget to add our site to your
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Quality machine embroidery designs. Take a look and you will be sure to find something you like. Free sample designs also available.
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Events and Groups

Home of the annual American Sewing Expo, the largest sewing exposition in the world. Find registration information and expo information for the upcoming event.
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Welcome! We're an online Fabric Store dedicated to bringing you quality Fashion Fabrics to sew with. We specialize in knits, but have a large variety of other fabrics to compliment them.
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designer clothing fabrics, fashion fabrics, high end clothing fabrics, high quality clothing fabrics, high quality wools, cottons, linens, blends, prints and solids. Expert sewing consultation.
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natural fibres, beautiful prints, Japanese fabrics, vintage silks, cotton and wool, fabrics imported from Japan
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Over the past 5 years Dollar Fabric has been supplying the highest quality fabrics to both retail and wholesale buyers on line. At Dollar Fabric you will find both trendy and basic fabrics in the newest designs and colors. Covering all end uses from dance to utility fabrics, craft, dress, bridal, activewear and more. At Dollar Fabric you are one click away from all your fabric needs.
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Forums Blogs

Craftser community forums -- sections about knitting, sewing, crochet, and much more
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Knitting Crochet

Free crochet patterns, lessons, resources, and tips. Christmas and bead crochet patterns too. Baby, preemie and toddler clothes. Afghans, throws, doilies, tablecloths, hats scarfs and more.
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Chez Crochet houses free patterns, plus tutorials, photos, & stitch Instructions on all types of crochet stitches- specializing in Tunisian Crochet
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Add The Finishing Touch to your sewing, knitting, quilting, clothing, handiwork, and craft creations with personalized woven labels.
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The online monthly news source for button collectors, sponsered by TIAS and the online button discussion group, Button Bytes.
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Patterns and Projects

Reviews older and vintage mechanical sewing machines in pictorial form. Also offers free sewing projects.
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Instructions and pictures to create an unpadded baby sling. Pattern is available (if you need it).
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Free, downloadable sewing patterns from Burda. Categories are: Accessories, Babies, Bags, Basic, Blouse, Cape, Cardigan, Coat, Dress, Home, Jacket, Lingerie, Men, Pants, Pet, Shorts, Skirts, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Tops, and Vests.
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Find hundreds of free sewing patterns! Many categories like Aprons, Baby, Bedroom, Bathroom, Children, Christmas, Costumes, Gifts, Pillows, plus many many more!
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Our own fully illustrated FREE sewing patterns, with step by step instructions. Learn new sewing, quilt, embroidery and applique techniques with our large variety of patterns for apparel, accessories, home decor, gifts, pets and yard.
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Download a dressmaing / patternmaking book
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56 Free Apron Patterns You Can Make »
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A chemise or shift was the foundation of most multilayered garments. As such it varied from utilitarian to decorative according to type of material used and visibility. It was used in various forms from early 10th century to 15th century Italian through to the end of our period.
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Great idea -- cover that seat in the grocery cart!
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Skirt and bodice patterns for a doggie!
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Links to headcovering patterns
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Fleece Booties Patterns and Instructions
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Fleece is such a fabulous fabric to sew that we have created a section dedicated to this amazing fabric! Click on one of the projects below and begin a wonderful sewing adventure with fantastic fleece: Fleece Beret Fleece Pillowcase Blanket Neckwarmer 5 Minute Fleece Scarf Fleece Toque Fleece Headband Fleece Mittens Self-Fringed No Sew Fleece Blanket Fleece Braided Rug NEW*
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Unique and exclusive high-fashion dressmaking patterns designed for fashion-obsessed sewers and dressmaking divas.
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A free pattern to try! Once you experience the StudioKat difference, I know you'll be back to try one of my handbag patterns!
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This is a pretty easy project -- it'll take you about 20 minutes and 3 yards of fleece. It's a fleece blanket with sleeves. Ever notice that once you huddle under a blanket, you can't really use your arms without messing up the blanket? That's the idea behind the sleeves on this blanket!
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Step 1: This snuggly bag is perfect for sitting around, or laying around, watching tv!
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Reviews older and vintage mechanical sewing machines in pictorial form. Also offers free sewing projects.
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Pictorial Blog discussion covering bound buttonholes using the old Dritz Bound Buttonhole tool.
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Projects, tips, and pattern adjustments, photo-tutorials
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56 Free Apron Patterns You Can Make »
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Making clothes that you enjoy wearing depends largely on choosing patterns and fabrics that are right for you, your lifestyle, your body size and type, and your fashion sense. Sewing requires money, time, and effort, so you want to like and wear what you have made. To get this result, you must make some advance preparations and decision.
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Welcome to Everythingsewing. Do you enjoy smocking, general sewing? All types of sewing are welcome.
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Sewing Mamas exists to bring you a wealth of free sewing information, ideas and support with your sewing endeavors. We are an internet based sewing circle where we chat about everything | sewing, crafting, knitting, parenting, and life.
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Welcome to my sewing room! (quilting and smocking)
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Couture (pronounced koo TOOR) sewing is that time honored method, of mostly hand and little machine sewing, used by design houses, couturiers, and custom tailors to create made-to-measure exclusive garments of individual art and unique beauty. - Couture Sewing - Sewing is a personally written site at BellaOnline
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How to apply couture sewing techniques with free couture sewing instructions
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Sewing Machines

Documents and pictorial reviews of older and vintage mechanical machines (plus a few newer computerized ones!)
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Ask questions and find answers regarding sewing machines.
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"You are about to enter the Husqvarna Viking world of high quality sewing machines and related products, developed and manufactured in Sweden since 1872."
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Great series of comparison charts of older Bernina sewing machines. Covers models from the 1950's era 125 through the 830's and 1630's up through computerized 180's. Also charts on presser feet.
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A shopper for a new sewing machine created a comparison chart between Viking and Bernina offerings. Good information, but dated (Viking top end is the Designer SE, Bernina top end is the Artista 730)
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Download service and instruction manuals for Pfaff sewing machines (Hint: Open the drop-down list titled "Klasse auswählen:")
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From Google Images, thousands of images of antique american sewing machines
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Buying and Selling Vintage Sewing Machines
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