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How to make a simple diamond kite.
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Anyone who wants to scrapbook can easily create professional looking scrapbooks without spending a lot of time or money. I think that's important in this day and age. So, I've gathered some great scrapbooking tips. In fact, you'll find 101 scrapbooking tips (they are numbered). You can also search the site. So let's start scrapbooking!
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21 Inch Lalena Doll - Dollmaking is a personally written site at BellaOnline
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Interactive 3D origami animation diagrams
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Learn To Make Money At Craft Shows.
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Discover Quick And Easy Christmas Crafts Guaranteed To Spark Holiday Fun!
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How to blend your own potpourri
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Buy discount party, wedding and event supplies including floral supplies, decorations, lights, glassware, stemware at discount prices. Plus silk flowers, scrapbook supplies, crafts and art supplies Save-on-Crafts craft supply store.
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Animated Knot-Tying -- including decorative and macrame knotting.
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over 80,000 patterns and 2,000 dolls yet to be listed; ethnic;costumes;jewellry; dolls,doll patterns,sewing patterns, nostalgic memorablia
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Artful Offerings website contains an award winning folk art and fancy art quilt gallery, patterns, including folk art and fancy art quilts, wall hangings, mini quilts, wool, fine sewing home dec patterns, karina hittle is an award winning fabric art and pattern designer, designer
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Kolinsky Sable and Siberian Squirrel Art Brushes: The Finest Watercolor, Acrylics, and Oil Paint Brushes
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Along with the same great sewing info that you get here, will also feature daily updates on a wide variety of crafts such as quilting, knitting, crochet, embroidery, jewelry making, and paper crafts
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Clear and complete beading instructions so your beading adventure is fun and painless! Learn where to buy supplies online and display your favorite beading creations.
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Fun crafts and other activities for kids and their computer. Dozens of free downloads.
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Beading Daily is a community for beadiers that offers free projects, forums, daily newsletter, and more.
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A great bead site with beading, bead patterns, bead links, beading tutorials wholesale beads, beaded jewelry, beadwork articles and glass bead suppliers are covered along with links to great beading sites and bead classes, beaded jewelry, free beading patterns, beadmakers, beading books, and everything else bead and beading related from the Internet can be found here.
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"Bramble Berry Soap Making Supplies offers an extensive selection of soapmaking products for everyone from the weekend hobbyist up to high-volume professional soap makers. Our entire line of soap making supplies is hand-picked for quality and value and all fragrance oils are tested in both cold process and melt and pour recipes before they receive a Bramble Berry label."
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Bunny 12 inch Fabric Doll Body and Clothing at Dollmaking : Doll body and clothing patterns
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Photo-tutorial, make a button bracelet
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Buy artworks online at Artflute. Artflute is dedicated to promoting and buying artworks online. Be part of an initiative to create a large community of artist and buyers.
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