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56 Free Apron Patterns You Can Make
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A chemise or shift was the foundation of most multilayered garments. As such it varied from utilitarian to decorative according to type of material used and visibility. It was used in various forms from early 10th century to 15th century Italian through to the end of our period.
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Skirt and bodice patterns for a doggie!
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Instructions and pictures to create an unpadded baby sling. Pattern is available (if you need it).
(Hits: 1037 Votes: 2 Rating: 7.00)
Great idea -- cover that seat in the grocery cart!
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Free, downloadable sewing patterns from Burda. Categories are: Accessories, Babies, Bags, Basic, Blouse, Cape, Cardigan, Coat, Dress, Home, Jacket, Lingerie, Men, Pants, Pet, Shorts, Skirts, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Tops, and Vests.
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Links to headcovering patterns
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Fleece Booties Patterns and Instructions
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Find hundreds of free sewing patterns! Many categories like Aprons, Baby, Bedroom, Bathroom, Children, Christmas, Costumes, Gifts, Pillows, plus many many more!
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This is a pretty easy project -- it'll take you about 20 minutes and 3 yards of fleece. It's a fleece blanket with sleeves. Ever notice that once you huddle under a blanket, you can't really use your arms without messing up the blanket? That's the idea behind the sleeves on this blanket!
(Hits: 2017 Votes: 1 Rating: 10.00)
Fleece is such a fabulous fabric to sew that we have created a section dedicated to this amazing fabric! Click on one of the projects below and begin a wonderful sewing adventure with fantastic fleece: Fleece Beret Fleece Pillowcase Blanket Neckwarmer 5 Minute Fleece Scarf Fleece Toque Fleece Headband Fleece Mittens Self-Fringed No Sew Fleece Blanket Fleece Braided Rug NEW*
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Step 1: This snuggly bag is perfect for sitting around, or laying around, watching tv!
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A free pattern to try! Once you experience the StudioKat difference, I know you'll be back to try one of my handbag patterns!
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Download a dressmaing / patternmaking book
(Hits: 1255 Votes: 1 Rating: 8.00)
Our own fully illustrated FREE sewing patterns, with step by step instructions. Learn new sewing, quilt, embroidery and applique techniques with our large variety of patterns for apparel, accessories, home decor, gifts, pets and yard.
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Unique and exclusive high-fashion dressmaking patterns designed for fashion-obsessed sewers and dressmaking divas.
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(Hits: 1136 Votes: 0 Rating: 0)
Reviews older and vintage mechanical sewing machines in pictorial form. Also offers free sewing projects.
(Hits: 1784 Votes: 1 Rating: 10.00)
Discover Quick And Easy Christmas Crafts Guaranteed To Spark Holiday Fun!
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Reproducing a Late 14th Century Shoe using Patterns Taken from Extant Examples
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This website has information about a whole range of medieval clothing, for men and women, made by two re-enactors. Among the costumes are: viking clothing, anglo-saxon costume, the bliaut, 13th century costumes, herjolfnes gowns, gothic fitted gown aka cotehardie and a houppelande. We try to document our clothing and give instructions on construction and sometimes even patterns.
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History, research, and free pattern for this medieval "pocket" used by women via a slit in their dress.
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